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Alejandro and Gustavo, Met at the beggining of 2000 in Buenos Aires, one was a lawyer and the other a production manager of a mining company. Alejandro and Gustavo future was to be the deposit of Rhodochrosite, in the Capillitas Mines, in the province of Catamarca, Argentina.
With the collaboration of many professionals in the field, the improved and reactivated an almost abandoned site. Altogether they formed a grat team coupled with the knowledge of the local miners. It could not have been done without them, born in this region, who daily risked their lives to put bread on their family tables.
Alejandro and Gustavo were hired by well known companies and sent to work in different countries. The idea was to optimize the Rhodochrosite product by putting the accent on quality as well as quantity.
Since 2013 they travelled all over Argentina to meet with stalactites collectors, while still buying raw Rhodochrosite directly from the mine.
Their idea was not to buy quantities of the material, putting in the hands of large companies that manufacture in the east producing tons of products. Rather requiring a grater commitment, their goal was to have the best Rhodochrosite handcrafted in Argentina. They wanted to sell direct to their costumers in the United States and wanted to know them personally. To be able to look them in the eye, negotiate and travel throughout the country. The Americans opened their doors making their dreams possible.
They want to thank all of those wo collaborated and trained them.

Alejandro y Gustavo

Alejandro Y Gustavo




Capillita Mines

The Capillita Mines Deposit is located on  the eastern slope of the Sierra de Capillita, 20mi. to the North of Andalgalá, province of Catamarca, Argentine Republic, between 3.100 and 3.300 meters above sea. It is constituted by a vellum mineralization of polymetallic sulphides (Cu, Pb, Zm, Ag, Au) with RODOCHROSITE banded with beautiful red-pink colour, which is used worldwide as a precious stone. It is the only place in the world where cavities (diatremas) have been found with RODOCHROSITE STALACTITES formations. These remarkable elongated cylindrical bodies, straight or curved, have alternating red, pink and white bands that form concentric rings of extraordinary beauty and rarity, often covered by a layer of pyrite, brown rhodochrosite with Fe and Zn ("Capillita") and white carbonate.